ADNOC Learning from Incidents

Jincom recently started partnering with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the state-owned oil company of the United Arab Emirates and the world's 12th largest oil company by production, to create a series of Learning from Incident (LFI) animations.

We are currently working on our fourth instalment of the animation series. Each LFI combines a mix of both 3D and 2D graphic animations, is between 3 and 6 minutes long, has a voiceover and Arabic subtitles.

Each animated video describes the incident in detail, outlines the causes and explains the lessons learned from the incident. The video concludes with a reminder of ADNOC’s Life Saving Rules reinforcing the safety messages in the video. 

The project began with Jincom’s studio creating a storyboard to work with ADNOC HSE personnel through each stage of the process. The creative team of writers, illustrator, designers and animators drew on their expertise and experience with development of over 1,000 LFIs over 15 years for clients including Anglo American - LafargeHolcim, Vinci and Thames Water in high-risk activities and situations including confined spaces, falls from height, lifting operations and electrical safety to create effective and engaging LFI animations.

Let’s look at some of benefits of LFI animations:

  • Engaging content that drives learnings to prevent incidents from reoccurring
  • Delivers a positive message of a safe worker taking control to drive positive results 
  • Drives safe behaviour by showing the consequences when safety measures are overlooked
  • Enables companies to be proactive in resolving hazards before a fatal or serious incident occurs
  • Helps to identify high-potential and near miss incidents before a serious incident occurs
  • Prompts companies to review existing safety measures to ensure they are adequate
  • Helps companies to identify weaknesses in existing incident reporting and investigation protocols
  • Promotes problem-solving behaviour across workers at all levels
  • Workers are reassured of a clear process to follow to prevent and report incidents
  • Workers take ownership of safety rules and are encouraged to report incidents

Using simple visual animations to clearly outline the incidents, identify the causes and explain the lessons learned, Jincom’s team transforms complex and detailed technical information into simplified and highly-visual content for rollout across different tiers of stakeholders from executives in head office, supervisors and workers on site.

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