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“I watched a supervisor at one of the deepest Gold Mines in the world explaining safety procedures to a group of young workers. He was trying to read from a 300 word single page document. He was struggling and nobody was listening - and I thought there must be a better way to do this”

Andrew Smith, Founder and CEO of Jincom

Simplify critical processes

I thought about aeroplane safety cards. A pilot doesn’t know who is in the back, but needs to make sure everybody, irrespective of language or literacy levels, understands the critical safety information. So I found some illustrators and began to try to simplify and illustrate some of the mine’s “Golden Rules”. This became the challenge for Jincom - to simplify and illustrate critical information for diverse workforces.

Visualise for greater understanding

Jincom is based in Cape Town, the cultural, creative and artistic hub of South Africa, with a name inspired by the small town of Jinja near the source of the White Nile in Uganda. We set about trying to help companies improve their environmental health and safety with visual communications – illustrations, posters and animations. With a small team of writers, illustrators and animators, Jincom started with Visual Standards, Toolbox Talks, and animated Incident Reports for mining companies in Africa. These visual tools helped companies improve their HSE communications and led to reduced accidents on site.

Digitise to enable improved safety

As with any good story, word quickly spread. Today Jincom provides a comprehensive range of visual HSE communication solutions to companies around the world, with 70% of its income coming from outside Southern Africa. While its studio is still based in Cape Town, our head office is now in Ireland to support growth in Europe and beyond.

Improve HSE results

Jincom’s solutions range from simple visualisations to using sophisticated cutting-edge virtual reality technology. While Jincom’s offerings and global footprint continue to expand, we remain true to our initial inspiration. Nothing motivates us more than hearing stories about how our illustrations and animations have helped customers improve their environmental health and safety performance and led to reduced accidents, injuries and fatalities. Let us help you to break through your communication challenges using visuals and storytelling.

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