Targeted Campaign

A suite of communications in a variety of different visual formats.



For PetroChina, we implemented a Targeted Campaign aimed at both employees and visitors, at the oil field in Iraq. We successfully delivered a turn-key induction and safety campaign, translated into Arabic and Mandarin and rolled it out in 3 phases.

Targeted Campaign

PetroChina: Phase 1 - Employee Safety

With a focus on site safety aimed at managers, supervisors and workers, we delivered the following communications materials: HSE Induction booklets, Induction carry cards, Key Message Poster, Safety and Motivational Posters and Safety alerts.

Targeted Campaign

PetroChina: Phase 2 - Visitor Safety

PetroChina Visitor Safety BrochurePetroChina Visitor Safety Brochure

Z-folds covering site-specific hazards, safety measures and other security related information for the PetroChina site.

Targeted Campaign

PetroChina: Phase 3 - Employee & Visitor Safety

3D Induction animation: 20-minute made available in English, Arabic and Mandarin which targeted both employees and visitors to PetroChina.

Our process



Taking our clients content and specific references, our writers simplify the content by editing for the critical information.



Our studio then uses the specific references and critical information to create animations, illustrations and icons as visuals to explain the content.



Strategically taking these visuals with the script, we transform it into various formats, best suited to each audience.


  • Poster
  • Booklet
  • 3D Animation
  • Digital Formats
  • VR Experience
  • Checklist
  • Pamphlet

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Use a variety of visual formats to effectively communicate critical information.

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