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Visual Safety Content delivered when and where it's needed

July 25, 2023
Ruth Doris
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Building upon 15 years of expertise in creating life-saving visual health and safety communication content, Jincom is now launching an innovative solution designed to deliver critical HSE content when and where it is most needed.

The SHINE APP is a comprehensive HSE communications solution with an integrated Learning Management System (LMS), that enables seamless delivery of content to the right person, at the right place and at the right time. Critical Safety content including visual standards, e-learning, interactive checklists, 3D incident animations and toolbox talks etc, is all accessible via QR codes, task assignments and simple search functionality.

The app can be fully branded, customised and rolled out without any development work needed.

The App has three main components: content accessibility for frontline users, user and content management for HSE admins and reporting and analytics on user activity. 

Content is highly visual and easy to understand.

Customised user groups

A unique and powerful feature of the app is the ability to create Working User groups to enable tailoring of content around specific risks, geographical locations, operations and regional safety requirements ensuring that the content is relevant for each audience. Content can also be assigned to specific users.

By leveraging this functionality, organisations can ensure that the right information reaches the right people at the right place and time

Users select their preferred language to enable all content to be displayed in the selected language.

This level of customisation enhances the app's ability to deliver content that is specific to the needs of diverse user groups, maximising its impact and effectiveness.

Segmentation will ensure that content is effectively targeted so that users are given access to only the specific content they need ensuring they are not overwhelmed by large volumes of irrelevant content and HSE management is confident that they fully understand and are engaged with the content relevant and specific to their operation and site.

An integrated chat function allows users to communicate with other users within their group.

Technically accurate, simplified and visualised content.

Observations recording

The SHINE APP has additional unique features which provide advanced functionality for users.

A unique dynamic feature of the app is an observations capturing tool that creates alerts to reporting and creates additional learning content. Workers who observe an unsafe situation or behaviour can take a photo and share it in the app. This documented behaviour will be flagged with admin reporting and integrated into new learning content.

Reporting and analytics

All activities can be viewed on a dashboard.

With its advanced reporting capabilities, the SHINE APP allows for tracking and measuring of learning progress and in-depth data analysis of content usage. All activity can be viewed on a dashboard and trends of analyse trends of usage activity across the platform to measure effectiveness of content and campaigns.

Safety passport

Another valuable feature of the SHINE APP is a safety passport which records users’ engagement with the content including e-learning completions and page views in a transportable format.

The SHINE APP is a groundbreaking new system that will be fully branded and configured to the client requirements, providing seamless delivery of HSE communication content across diverse workforces wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Re-brand, load up and roll out effortlessly!

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