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Does E-learning Improve Safety?

March 30, 2021
Julie Chandler
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A simple definition of e-learning could include something along the lines of, “learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet”. However, there is so much more to e-learning.

It can mean different things to different people. During the recent global pandemic, children have had to learn and study remotely using e-learning modules and similarly businesses have made use of e-learning modules for their training.

We at Jincom, see e-learning as a valuable tool to improve safety, and this is why:

The universal language

Jincom uses the universal language of illustrations to improve a company’s safety. This visual language, which is as old as time, overcomes varied literacy levels and cuts across language barriers to teach safety. Of course, safety implies that the content must be technically correct and accurate - and because safety standards can be complicated, Jincom clarifies and simplifies the information through visuals. In this way, every e-learning module is developed around an illustration, graphic, icon or animation.

Deeper learning

Safety is improved by a well-trained workforce. But how do people learn and remember complicated safety standards that are necessary to work safely? Again, we use visuals and quizzes in all our e-learning modules. Our quizzes are straight-forward, but test the user on critical information that can make a real difference onsite. People can learn and re-learn, and in fact they can take the assessment as many times as they need to - until they have achieved at least 80%, so they can be confident that they have a good grip of the critical material.  


There is no longer a need to sit in a stuffy classroom and learn complicated, boring content. Safety knowledge can be consumed on site, through interactive, visual, technically correct content. The learning can be as fresh as baked bread - a quick recap on site, from a mobile device, could save a life!

No two sites are the same

Each site often has its own unique and specific standards, which our e-learning modules can be adapted to. With e-learning the content is no longer in a dusty textbook. It’s tailored to ever changing and evolving safety standards that are contextually based. Content can be expanded and adjusted as the needs arise.

Complex concepts are accessible

It is interactive. A simple hover button over an image or animation can layer the information and expand on the technical illustration. It is intuitive. Just like putting one foot in front of the other, our modules guide the process. Step by step, following numbers, a module will guide you through specific safety standards.

By using our universal language of illustrations, e-learning allows deeper learning that can be available on site while making complex concepts accessible and tailored to different industries.
New technology like e-learning not only improves safety, but can save time, money and reduce a company’s environmental impact substantially.
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